Manufacturer for machining tools (drills, cutters and sawblades)


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Router cutter

Made in Germany
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Drilling bits

Made in Germany
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Made in Germany
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WEMARO® – Cutting Tools “Made in Germany”

Cutters, drills, saw blades and custom-made cutting tools


Specialized on high-quality and precision tools for processing aluminium, steel, PVC and composite material. Supplying machine manufacturers for original equipment, tool retailers and industrial end users.


We offer tailor-made solutions for machine builders, producing end users or tool dealers from various industry branches. Our tools can be individually developed and manufactured according to your specifications.


Particularly in the windows and door industry Wemaro is known for specialized knowledge of developing and producing standard and custom-made tools for treating metal, synthetic and composite materials.


How to get the right tool:

You can easily order tools for the window, door and facade industry and metal construction online via our B2B shop or contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers

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